Nuclear is currently viewed as an essential part of the UK’s energy mix providing a high level of clean base load.

Our work in the nuclear industry includes:

  • Fabrication of jetty modules
  • Stainless steel ducting, tanks and piping
  • Embedment piping
  • Installation works in main turbine building

Ledwood has been working at Hinkley Point C nuclear power station site since 2016 when we were awarded the contract to fabricate the jetty modules. Ledwood has assembled silos, welded tanks and supplied, fabricated and installed embedded ducting and pipework within the conventional island work area of Hinkley Point C. More recently Ledwood has been awarded a major £50m contract with GE Steam Power, a 42-month contract for the ‘Hinkley Point C Mechanical Equipment Erection Works’ within the turbine buildings. Each building consists of 38 packages of equipment ranging from small 2Te pumps to a 2,440Te condenser. Ledwood will be installing 12,750Te of equipment as part of GE’s work supplying two conventional power islands for Hinkley Point C, which include the Arabelle steam turbine.

HPC Bylor Embedded Pipework

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