LNG Sector

The lng process from Ledwood involves liquefied natural gas installations worldwide

Ledwood provide the project management, manufacture and installation of pipework, tanks and mechanical engineering for the LNG sector. The liquefication of natural gas enables it to be shipped and stored. Normally, natural gas can only be supplied from source to user by a solid pipeline. Liquifying gas reduces its volume to around one sixhundredth of its volume as a gas, making its storage and transport simpler – and enabling it to be shipped around the globe.

Keeping gas in a liquefied form presents challenges, however, as the liquid must be maintained at -162degC.

LNG is stored in massive holding depots, providing a buffer of supply that is particularly valuable for countries that need to buy gas on volatile international markets. By filling storage depots while prices are low, they can hedge against future price movements, and improve energy security by guaranteeing supply.

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