Steel Industry

Our work in the steel industry

Steel is the most common alloy in the world and is a core part of our work here at Ledwood. The steel industry is increasingly seen as a strategic national asset that has been depleted and needs increasing investment.

Our work in the steel industry includes:

  • fabrication and installation of modules
  • fabrication and installation of structural steelwork and pipework
  • anti-corrosion, decorative, wear resistant and thermal barrier coatings
  • orbital welding

Our track record includes the procurement, fabrication and installation of the Furnace Cooling Water System for the replacement of the No. 4 Blast Furnace at Tata Steel’s site in Port Talbot. The project scope included the procurement, fabrication, painting and installation of over 25000m and the procurement and installation of over 5000 manual valves. By the conclusion of the project more than 3500 isometrics had been used for fabrication with the resulting steelwork installed on site.

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