New Energy Services

Oil and gas currently supplies three quarters of the UK’s energy consumption but this is predicted to decline to around half by 2050. The use of oil and gas is predicted to decline faster than overall energy consumption leading to a reduced hydrocarbon intensity in the UK’s energy system.

Alternative clean energy sources such as hydrogen, wind, biofuels and increased nuclear will plug the gap – along with Carbon Capture utilised at fossil fuel power stations. The same skills required for the construction of traditional power plants will be required. This new industrial revolution will require the same skills and expertise abundantly available at Ledwood. These include:

  • Fabrication of modules
  • Structural steel and piping
  • Project management
  • Construction and installation

Ledwood installed the boiler and turbine hall piping and went on to test and commission an energy from waste (EfW) power station. The power station produces 70MW of electricity, which is enough to power 180,000 households using feedstock consisting of municipal solid waste and wood by-product.

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