Oil & Gas

Oil and gas remain key fossil fuels. Found across the planet in some of the harshest environments, they are still being discovered, with exploration and the exploitation of new finds demanding complex engineering solutions. Once extracted and shipped, oil and gas are used around the globe as an energy source for electricity generation, a heat

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The petrochemical industry is ever evolving, to accommodate the globe’s growing demand for fuels. Oil-derived petrol and diesel keep our vehicles moving, heating oil is used extensively in those parts of the world which cannot access piped gas, for space heating. Today’s petrochemical industry is re-inventing itself once more, as attention turns to new sources

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LNG Sector

The lng process from Ledwood involves liquefied natural gas installations worldwide

Ledwood provide the project management, manufacture and installation of pipework, tanks and mechanical engineering for the LNG sector. The liquefication of natural gas enables it to be shipped and stored. Normally, natural gas can only be supplied from source to user by a solid pipeline. Liquifying gas reduces its volume to around one sixhundredth of

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The petrochemical industry can be traced back to the oil works of James Young in Scotland and Abraham Pineo Gesner in Canada. The first plastic was invented by Alexander Parkes, an English metallurgist. In 1856, he patented Parkesine, a celluloid based on nitrocellulose treated with a variety of solvents. This material, exhibited at the 1862

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Although more environmentally friendly forms of transport are beginning to used, petrol, diesel and jet fuels remain the backbone of every economy for transporting people and goods around the world, to produce these fuels an oil refinery is required. Oil refining is an industrial process that refines crude oil into the petrol, diesel and other

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Today’s power industry faces a series of challenges. Tasked with maintaining the supply of electricity as it continues to grow globally, the sector also faces growing environmental challenges as pressure mounts to move away from fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. Nuclear power, once considered a clean and limitless option, has revealed it

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Steel is the most common alloy in the world and consists of iron with varying amounts carbon. It is widely used in construction and other applications because of its high tensile strengths and low costs. Although steel had been produced in furnaces for thousands of years, steel’s use expanded extensively after more efficient production methods

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The environment

Today a major growth area, renewable energy technologies are fast developing. Wind and wave power, tidal projects and solar energy are all increasing in adoption and ever larger projects are being developed, in a bid to ensure that renewable power provides a larger slice of our energy needs. Construction of major offshore wind farms is

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