Waste Heat Boiler Project

In November 2013 Valero awarded Ledwood the contract to install a new waste heat boiler at the end of their FCCU unit. In January 2014 work started decommissioning a heater with convection module and associated flue gas ducting to provide space within the process unit. After three months of day and night shifts, the heater and all associated equipment was safely removed from the plot, which was handed back to Valero for ground works in preparation for the new boiler.

Ledwood fabricated all the new ducting, support steelwork and platforming that the new boiler required. in August 2014 the new boiler arrived and installation began. Around 15,800 manhours were expended installing the boiler, ducting and steelwork over five months, with a peak workforce of 56 staff. Central to this operation was the utilisation of a 600 tonne crawler crane for lifting the boiler modules and duct sections into place, the heaviest of which was 128 tonnes. On completion of the mechanical installation works, Ledwood carried out hydrotesting and commissioning activities to ready the boiler for service in 2015.

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