Toyota Production System

David Turner is the Engineering Manager for Ledwood. He explains why he is looking forward to sharing knowledge and improving processes with the Toyota Production System. Toyota Motor Corporation’s vehicle production system is arguable one of the world’s great manufacturing success stories. Known as the Toyota Production System (TPS), it is often referred to as […]

Steel Industry

SECTORS Steel Industry Steel is the most common alloy in the world and is a core part of our work here at Ledwood. The steel industry is increasingly seen as a strategic national asset that has been depleted and needs increasing investment.

New energy

SECTORS New Energy Oil and gas currently supplies three quarters of the UK’s energy consumption but this is predicted to decline to around half by 2050. The use of oil and gas is predicted to decline faster than overall energy consumption leading to a reduced hydrocarbon intensity in the UK’s energy system.


SECTORS LNG The liquefication of natural gas enables it to be shipped and stored but keeping gas in a liquefied form presents challenges as it must be maintained at -162degC. Ledwood provides project management, manufacture and installation of pipework, tanks and mechanical engineering for the LNG sector.


SECTORS Nuclear Nuclear is currently viewed as an essential part of the UK’s energy mix providing a high level of clean base load.Ledwood has been working at Hinkley Point C nuclear power station site since 2016 when we were awarded the contract to fabricate the jetty modules. Ledwood has assembled silos, welded tanks and supplied, […]