Corporate Responsibilities

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Corporate and Social Responsibilities

Ledwood is a company of values & principles, that focuses on honesty, integrity, people & the environment all developing in harmony.

Ledwood works in sectors that have a major impact on our environment. We have a commitment from top to bottom of our organisation, to protect the environment from avoidable harm.

Our ethos is always to minimise the environmental impact of our activities in any practical way we can, across everything we do. Our quality systems always focus on maximising the efficiency of plant that we design, while always looking to minimise waste.

Ledwood takes its responsibility to its employees and neighbours seriously. We share that commitment with all our partners, suppliers and subcontractors. Our target has for long been to record ZERO safety incidents – meaning our employees all leave work uninjured, day in, day out, with their health intact and able to enjoy time with their families.

That same commitment extends to our neighbours, with a consistent intent to minimise the impact and interruption of our fabrication activities on those around us, wherever in the world we are working.


UK modern slavery act compliance and anti-slavery statement central register