Drawing upon the experience gained during a 30 year tenure as one of the UK’s foremost Mechanical Engineering Contractors, Ledwood can offer a comprehensive package of services covering all aspects of work in the Engineering sphere.

The company offers a full range of services for work on Process plants including all phases of design and engineering to procurement, fabrication, erection, commissioning, operation and maintenance as well decommissioning and disinvestment.

The vast majority of our Contracts over the last 30 years have all had a greater or lesser element of decommissioning and disinvestment as the UK is a mature economy, with Project work tending to replace or upgrade units in plants.

This has meant that Ledwood have built up quite a portfolio of experience and capability for complex decommissioning activities and disinvestment of redundant equipment. Ledwood are able to assess Structural integrity of corroding and damaged plant, analyse and report on process residue in equipment, ducting and pipelines, clean and manage the disposal of effluent and residue. Ledwood are also very competent Contractors, developing safe disinvestment and removal procedures for equipment, large and small, including in situ dismantling and working with eccentric Centres of Gravity.

Ledwood are also able to develop comprehensive Waste Management Plans, for pre treatment and separation of various waste streams to optimise recycling and economic disposal & maximise asset value recovery.

The Ledwood team are dedicated to the safe removal and disposal of redundant equipment and are able to offer cost and schedule effective solutions to suit client needs. Ledwood take pride in an exceptional safety record and work hard to be exemplar contractors on site, championing behavioural safety at all levels within the business.

Ledwood can offer a range of services for the return of redundant sites to brownfield conditions, including:

• Characterisation of materials
• Risk assessment and risk management
• Detailed Planning and Preparation including Physical survey work
• CDM duty holder
• Budget development
• Engineering
• Procurement of Proprietary Equipment
• Pre-fabrication (in-house) of any specialist cradling or lifting rigging etc.
• Execution of works on site using 100% directly employed labour
• Logistics and shipping
• Placement and management of specialist Sub-Contracts
• Waste management, asset sales and disposal.

By providing an extensive range of services there is no need to fragment the project, ensuring continuity of service, quality and commitment to the objectives of the client.

Our team have a wealth of Process Plant experience and a healthy portfolio of successful projects from established major engineering companies throughout the UK.