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Fluid Cat Cracker (FCCU) Revamps

Ledwood is experienced at revamping fluid cat cracker units. More commonly known as FCCU. These units are at the heart of the refinery, and their regular refurbishment is key in ensuring operational reliability, and meeting environmental responsibilities.

Such turnaround and inspection of fluid cat cracker (T&I) projects inevitably require detailed planning, and the ability to cope with unexpected complications mid-programme.

Ledwood offers a comprehensive planning, preparation and execution service to support the full scope of T&I activities. In the detailed planning phase, our extensive experience of T&I events enables us to make an informed provision for un-scheduled emergent work. At the commencement of each event, Ledwood puts its own engineering and fabrication workshops on 24 hour standby – giving us a proven ability to procure, fabricate and deliver otherwise unobtainable and urgently needed replacement components within a very short time-frame.

Ledwood is exceptionally well equipped to plan, engineer and execute the complete scope of your planned FCCU upgrade, taking conceptual design from your unit’s licensor and converting it efficiently and safely into reality in a highly integrated project environment.

The complete Ledwood service includes:

  • Detailed planning and preparation
  • Engineering
  • Procurement of proprietary equipment
  • In-house pre-fabrication of new vessel components, pipe work, structural steelwork
  • Logistics and shipping
  • Placement of specialist sub-contracts
  • On-site installation

By executing the fabrication/final assembly of all major vessel components (including complete heads) in our own workshops, Ledwood retains an extremely close control over the construction schedule, and is often able to offer delivery within a much shorter time-frame than might otherwise be expected.

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