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Ledwood has the facilities and expertise to fabricate plant and equipment on a large scale. Unrivalled facilities for production are allied to large scale finishing and coating shops.

Ledwood’s location on the Welsh coast adjacent to Pembroke Dock means easy access to a deep water port, facilitating the easy shipping of large assemblies in modules of up to 500 tonnes, which can be transported worldwide directly by sea.

The company’s in-house skills include detailed design and project planning. A flexible, highly trained and experienced workforce covering key skills including welding, finishing, instrumentation and site assembly can be scaled up on demand to meet tight project deadlines, working both at Ledwood’s own facilities, and on customer sites either on land or offshore, as required.

Ledwood’s facilities in numbers:

  • General fabrication – an immediate 60,000 sq ft (5,500 sq m) of fabrication facilities at your disposal with an additional 250,000 sq ft available as required
  • Pipework fabrication – 25,000 sq ft (2,300 sq m) of facilities
  • Painting and protective coatings – a dedicated 12,000 sq ft (1,150 sq m) facility with additional tented space as required
  • Shipping – quayside facilities with a minimum 11 meters water depth, 150 meters long
  • Assembly space – 5 acres (2 ha) adjacent lay down area with quayside load out facility capable of accommodating up to 500 tonne modules
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