Approved and Accredited

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Approved and Accredited

Ledwood works in partnership with world leading companies, in some of the more dangerous environments across the globe – from offshore oil and gas exploration to petrochemical process plants.

They demand the best in attitude, in quality, and in the execution of safe working practices, every day.

Ledwood has consistently won accolades from global oil and gas exploration company clients for our approach to safe project management and working practices. And RoSPA, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, has awarded Ledwood its Order of Distinction for many years running, in recognition of its expectation of consistently achieving ZERO recordable safety incidents, as well as awards such as 500,000 man hours without incident on one project.




Customers also recognise Ledwood’s commitment to safety. Ledwood team members are pictured receiving a Fluor Quality Award, being recognized for their extra effort shown towards rising quality levels on a recent project.


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