Perenco pipework dismantling

Ledwood delivered enabling works for the construction of the new Slug Catcher by demolishing over 2,000m of 36 inch pipework – the equivalent of 1,200 tonnes. This was done using ‘cold-cut’ machines primarily to avoid the use of any ‘hot-work’ machinery. A total of 230 cuts were completed in order to transport the disinvested pipe work to a recycling plant. The disinvestment was completed in just 60days.

Prior to commencing the construction of the new Slug Catcher, Ledwood were responsible for refurbishing the respective supporting steel work. All 208 saddle supports were grit blasted, primed andre-coated insitu by Ledwood Protective Coatings. A combination of GTA Wand FCAW techniques were used to complete the 330 welds.

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