Ledwood ready to build Swansea barrage

Swansea is hoping to get the go-ahead shortly for the world’s first tidal energy lagoon, to be built just off the coast of south Wales.

The £1 billion project could provide power for thousands of homes, and the scheme’s promoters are confident that much of the work involved in building the project will be delivered by Welsh companies. Ledwood is among those with a skilled local workforce in south Wales, ready to get involved in manufacturing the major engineering components required.

If the project gets to start, there is the likelihood that further tidal lagoons could be constructed to generate energy, along the Welsh coast and in other key coastal locations around the globe.

“We’ve got a huge workforce with the skills that are very aligned to the techniques and processes needed for that industry,” said Ledwood managing director Nick Revell. “So we feel very well suited to that new potential industry. We’ve been following the project for some time, and we can see how well it has been set up. We’re very keen, I think there’s culturally a good fit.”

For Ledwood team member, welder Craig Wheeler, an opportunity for more work in south Wales would be welcome. “The more work you can get at home, the better. I know a lot of people who have moved away or work away from family and friends, because they can’t find work.”

A BBC report on the project, including interviews with Nick Revell and Craig Wheeler of Ledwood, can be seen here.

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