FCCU Turnaround

Ledwood was selected to be the principal contractor on the 2014 FCCU turnaround at Valero’s Pembrokeshire refinery. This involved working with Valero during the Pre-Turnaround constructability and planning phase to produce a realistic and workable plan for the turnaround. The critical activity was changing the reactor stripper from a tray system to a new packed bed design. However there were 104 mechanical work packs including reactor dipleg and regenerator cyclone removal for installation of new regenerator primary and secondary air grid revamp, valve change out, new manways, new pipework installation and changes to existing, hydro testing of pipework from half inch to 24 inch. With the exception of the new stripper packed bed, all mechanical items installed during the turnaround were fabricated and tested by Ledwood at the Pembroke Dock workshops.

The Turnaround event lasted 6 weeks and required 32,500 manhours on the FCCU unit, the peak direct labour force was 130 staff. Ledwood worked with multiple subcontractors to meet the scaffolding, craneage, testing and refractory requirements of the project. During the turnaround there were also numerous packages of emergent work which required quick engineering, fabrication and installation work to avoid affecting the completion date.

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