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LNG Process plant Installations

Ledwood has specific experience in the design and fabrication of liquified natural gas (LNG) storage facilities. Ledwood played a leading role in the development of LNG process installations at the UK’s first major storage terminals at South Hook, Dragon and Isle of Grain.

Catering to liquefied natural gas companies, Ledwood have vast experience in fulfilling each project to the highest standard required in lng plant process and lng processing requirement. Every part of the lng process, transportation and storage facilities are carefully analysed and scoped to provide the right solution to each client.

Such large scale LNG terminal projects involved substantial innovation, including:

  • The fabrication of stainless steel pipework, storage tank components and major mechanical engineering components
  • Specialised welding to cope with operating temperatures down to minus 196 deg C
  • Specialised purging techniques over long distances
  • Clean build procedures to limit residues
  • Teams developed specially to handle high pressure pumps, submerge construction vapourisers, boil off gas compressors
  • Installation of loading arms and jetties


South Hook LNG Terminal

Ledwood fabricated, installed and tested the one mile jetty from land to operational LNG terminal, as well as the balance of plant (inter-connectivity of pipework between storage tanks). The company also undertook the installation of the equipment for the send out pumps and re-condensers.

Find out more at: South Hook LNG Terminal

Dragon LNG Terminal

Ledwood designed, engineered and constructed to the highest specification jetty to meet safety, environmental compliance, reliability and quality whilst using commercially proven technology. The company fabricated and installed all pipework from the storage tanks to the jetty.

Find out more at: Dragon LNG

Isle of Grain upgrade project

Ledwood fabricated the aluminium suspended decks for the storage tank roofs. Constructed from the highest quality 60mm Aluminium Ledwood shaped, cut and welded each critically designed sections to specifically fit into place. Our world class capabilities deliver the highest standards of performance and services which are highly resilient, flexible and dependable.

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