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Ledwood has unrivalled capabilities in fabrication, with facilities enabling units of up to 200 tonnes to be fully constructed and tested at the company’s in-house facilities, prior to shipment worldwide.

Fabrication expertise at Ledwood extends to welding in a range of materials. Up to 200 fully qualified welders are at our disposal, to handle major project fabrication.

The company can deliver equipment either in small components, or in larger modules for easier final assembly on site. Major components can be fitted out with final equipment including pipework links and electrical fittings. Ledwood’s expertise in handling the movement of large modules includes arranging shipping from the factory’s own loading quay.

Ledwood specialises in fabricating pipework in glass reinforced epoxy (GRE) and glass reinforced plastic (GRP). The company is accredited by major GRE pipe manufacturers to fabricate, bond and install GRE pipework. Ledwood also carries out inspection and testing of GRE and GRP installations.

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